Hopes, expectations, predictions             ( Based on what you believe , think)

             Tomorrow will be the best day of my life.

On the spot decision

         Oh! It's too hot in here . I'll open the windows.

Offers , promises , warnings , threats , requests

            I will cook today , don't worry.

Going to

Predictions  (Based on evidence in the present)

            Look at those clouds! It's going to rain.

Plans or intentions

            Today when I get home , I'm going to sleep

Present Continuous for future use

To indicate future arrangements which have already been made for the near future

            On Saturday I'm flying to Europe . I have already bought the tickets.



Present Simple

To talk about timetabled or scheduled events.

             The film starts at 9.15, just after the news.

To refer to the future after time linkers such as when, before, after, until, by the time, as soon as.

             Give me a call as soon as you arrive

             (You can also use it with present perfect) --> You can't leave until you've tidied your room


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