There are many sports, the one I like the most is soccer, wich is en teams, where each player has a different role. In those sports, you need to know a part from playing solo, to play as a team and be a good teammate. 
There are many guys who are often influenced by their favorite athletes, like Messi, Ronaldo, Ginobili, etc. For example if Messi plays as a striker, many children would like to play as a striker.
As I said before, young people usually copy from famous athletes in some cases. So I think they should have a good reputation and behave properly, at least in social medias.
In conclusion, the influence of a hero can be from how they behave, the position in which they play, the clothes we wear and even a haircut or a pair of shoes.

Fecha: 5/7/2021 | Creado por: Santino