By brisa Wajsbrot
As we all know well, the best known athletes, sports heroes, who most represent us in the world of sports are a great influence on people's lives. They are a success for our society that is why without the example of many people to follow, they want to have their lives. It is also important to think that it is the same society that discusses whether they should be our examples or not.

On the other hand, it is indisputable that people see this type of athlete as different people than they are since they consider them people from another world, that is why they are expected to be role models of people. Many of these athletes prefer not to put themselves in that place since it is a lot of responsibility on them.
In recent times, the true influence that these "heroes" have on people's lives has begun to be noticed. Some of the things that we copy from these so-called role models are like the things we buy or the way we talk and think. It has its negative side since just as there are certain good things to imitate, there are things that are not good that children take as an example (fights, arguments, violence).
To finish it is good to clarify that these sports heroes more than have to be an example to follow, they are people with a separate life and more than that their behavior has to be Perfect since they are people who influence people they have to have rise to mistakes like all of us.
Fecha: 3/7/2021 | Creado por: Brisa