Facundo Blajman


We all know  that sport heroes have an extreme level of influence on people. People see them and use the sport leaders like examples to the future, or goals, like the money, the recognition, the success and more like that. This people who have this sport heroes like an example is the same people who discuss if this sport heroes are positive or negative to follow.

In this case are two possible uses that we can choose, the people need to be smart with this, choose and follow only the positive actions of the sport leaders, but we are in the real wordl, some people can´t controle that influence, so some sport heroes don´t want to bear the responsability, for example a professional box player that move the feels of a lot of people don´t want that some childs use his videos to do that in the street. But the sport leaders need to have an special behavior, it´s so important.


In conclusion, the correct way would be that all of the sport heores have an excelent behavior, but on the other hand, they are people like we, and we can´t force them to do the right things for the society, they don´t choose this charge and we can´t blame them.

Fecha: 27/6/2021 | Creado por: Facundo