1. Look at the words and phrases from the word cloud (Do not pay attention to the words "word", "cloud" and "art) but read all the other words and phrases carefully:


2.  Watch the video and write sentences associating each of the words or phrases in the word cloud above with the information given by the teacher in the video:



3.  Read the information from the following presentation and check your answers:



4. Read and match to make sentences:

1. Essays are read by teachers so a. repetition.
2. You need to refer to the question in the introduction b. to defend your points of view in different areas of your life.
3. Instead of repeating the words from the question, c. you need to know how to write good essays for your studies in general, not only for your English lessons.
4. Do not write contractions d. to show you have understood the question.
5. After you have written your essay, it is essential e. 20 minutes writing and 5 to 10 minutes editing your work.
6. Learning to write good essays helps you f. use different words or grammar.
7. You should spend 5 to 10 minutes planning, g. to show that you have a wide range of grammar and vocabulary.
8. Use interesting language h. because essays are formal types of writing.
9. Avoid  i. that you spend 5 to 10 minutes reading everything and correcting mistakes if necessary.
10. Instead of using “the good thing / the bad thing”, j.  you can refer to positive or negative aspects, advantages and disadvantages, negative consequences, benefits, etc.


5. Write your essay:

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