Some useful expressions for Part 3!

Fecha: 9/6/2021 | Creado por: Maria Emma
  • Juan hace 4 meses
    I agree to a certain extent.
    Do you mind if I say something?
    I think we might have agree to disagree.
    I couldn't agree more.
    Do you think so?
    I reckon...
    How about you?

    Sasha A. Gaspar S. Juan A.
  • Luana hace 4 meses
    From my point of view
    Shall we start?
    Sorry to butt in but,
    Don't you think?
    Like you said
    Sorry to interrumpt
    I totally agree

    Mora Crupnik, Maia Kuzniec, Micaela Bonfil, Luana Matzkin
  • Valentino hace 4 meses
    What do you reckon?
    How about you?
    Do you think so?
    Why don’t we opt for…?
    Wouldn’t you agree that…?
    how about you
    From my point of view,
  • Federico hace 4 meses
    Ilan Repiso, Manuel Magni and Federico Laborda
    1. Wouldn´t you aree that. It´s very usefull to inviting you partner to respond and move on with the conversation.
    2. Do you think so? It's easy to remember and easy to be pronounce
    3. Do you mind if I say something? It's good to give your own point of view about the conversation.
    4. May I interrupt here? It's a polite way to interrupt.
    5. From my point of view... It's good to express your opinion about the conversation.
    6. I completely disagree I'm afraid. It's used when you don't agree in anything your partner said
    7. Moving on. Easy to remember and good to move on with the conversation
  • Félix hace 4 meses
    Felix F, Juan H y Francisco Mazza.
    I totally agree; I completely disagree, I'm afraid; How about you?; Really?; from my point of view; I couldn't agree more ; and Do you think so?
  • Lucio hace 4 meses
    1-how about you?
    3-Do you think so?
    4-shall we move on to the next one
    5-moving on
    6-do you mind if i sat something
    7-may i interrupt here
    i did it with juan marchand,felipe maciel and danilo castagno.
  • Martina hace 4 meses
    1) I'm of the opinion that...
    2) Interesting, that hadn't occurred to me.
    3) I think we might have to disagree.
    4) We still need to discuss...
    5) Let's agree to disagree.
    6) Sorry to butt in, but...
    7) Which one shall we start with?
    Martina Czyzewski, Uma Rosental and Micaela Szmukler.
  • Bautista hace 4 meses
    Franco Bugna
    Gonzalo Vitola
    I reckon...
    From my point of view
    Sorry to butt in, but
    Im not sure I agree with you on that point
    Interesting, that hadnt occuered to me
    I couldnt agree more
    I totally agree
  • Nicolas hace 4 meses
    Why don’t we opt for
    I’m of the opinion that
    I think we might have to agree to disagree.
    I couldn’t agree more.
    Do you mind if I say something?
    Wouldn’t you agree that
    Moving on

    Nicolas Abosch Franco Sandri Nahir Belen Lopez Mora Navaz Schuman