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Fecha: 6/8/2020 | Creado por: Romina
Categoria: Speaking
  • Delfina hace aproximadamente un año
    Candidate A: In the first picture, I can see destroy area; with a lot of garbage, broken houses and damaged trees. This are the consecuences of the tornado that occurred in the area of the photograph. In the second picture, I can see a clean and tidy area; in this one there are a lot of windmills that provide ecology energy produced by the wind; these windmills are located in a beutiful beach with an incredible sea. In my opinion, people must always remember to respect the power of natura because it can destroy our whole word; we think that we cann dominate it, but, actually, it is nature itself that dominates us.
    Candidate B: In the left picture I can see a kind of wall formed by branches that were joined and placed by animals. Instead, in the photo on the right, I can see a much larger and stronger man-made structure. In my opinion, trying to control nature is useless. I believe that it is impossible to try to control something that you do not know very well. Humans have lived for centuries on earth together with nature; but, that does not mean that we know it 100%. Therefore, we do not know how nature will react to this attempt at control, so I consider it too dangerous to interfere with it.
  • Romina hace aproximadamente un año
    Great! Everybody is chipping in!
  • Santiago hace aproximadamente un año
    Candidate A: In the first picture we can see a lot of damaged in a city caused by a tornado, in the second picture, we can see an ecofriendly way to get energy, this are called windfarms, we get energy by the movement generated by wind.
    Candidate B: In the first picture we can see a dam in a small river built of sticks, roots, etc. It seems that It was built by animals. In the second picture we can see a strong dam in a very big river, this was built with concrete, it seems that humans built this dam for preventing inundations.

  • Julieta hace aproximadamente un año
    Candidate A: In both pictures i can see how powerful the wind is, but whereas in the first picture is it shown the damage done by it, in the other one, I can see the great benefits it has such as make energy out of its power. As for the question, for me people must be aware of the power of nature considering it is all we have and we are damaging it with our daily pollutive life and it is causing great damage that endanger both our life’s and natures life and we can start helping by making everyone aware of it.
    Candidate B: In both pictures there is a construction made by animals and men in order to control the river. In the first picture I can see how the animals managed to make the blockage by using their own resources unlike the second picture that shows how men built a massive construction with many resources. Right now, I can not think of a particular damage done by controlling nature, but I personally believe that even though we harm the environment by doing so there are cases that need to be taken care off such as this river since maybe by not building that blockage, a city nearby might have floods.
  • Ivo hace aproximadamente un año
    1) in the first photo I see a tornado destroying a town. You can see how it broke all the houses and public places. Of course I don´t want to imagine how much is going to be all this to repare. The first thing that comes to my mind is to think all those families that will be destroyed by this act, not only economic, if not maybe they lose someone very special like your family or friend.
    2) and in the second photo I see how much the goverment of each country care about the planet, this are called: windmill, which they take energy from the wind anduse it for a lot of thing. I love watching this things because i know there are people who care about the planet like me, and they do something for it.
  • Romina hace aproximadamente un año
    Great job people!
  • Melina hace aproximadamente un año
    Candidate A: In the first picture I can see a destroyed area, full of garbage and broken houses. The main thing that capture your attention is the enormous tornado, which lead me to think that the messy city was caused because of it. On the other hand, the second picture shows a tidier area, with a clear sea and windmills to provide ecology energy. This one seems much better than the tornado’s picture and made me realize how important is to care about our environment.
    Candidate B: In both pictures I can see different types of bridges and landscapes. The first one has dirty water and the path is way simpler than the second one. The last mentioned seems to be built by men, it has a striking style. The river is almost clear, and the greens are more vibrant. The poor one is more likely to break.
  • Luca hace aproximadamente un año
    Candidate A: In the picture 1 I see a tornado that just destroyed the houses in the city. This causes that after the tornado, the city has to rearm because most of the houses are destroyed. Instead in the picture 2, i can see a countryside that has sunny weather, and there are windmills. This climate is ideal to go out with friend, top lay some sport, etc. I think that people must always remember the power of the nature because it can in a second take it all away.

    Candidate B: In picture 1 i can see a net that is made of wood, this serves so that the water does not overflow on the other side it is usually made by beavers. And in picture 2 i can see
    a dam, these serve to flow faster into the river. Dams we can see in places that are rivers. And I think that if we take good care of ourselves in some situations where nature puts us in danger, we will not go through problems.

  • Gaston hace aproximadamente un año
    A)While in one picture we can see the negatives consequences of the wind, in the other we can see the that wind, with the windfarms, which they are ecofriendly, helps society unlike de disaster made by the tornado in the picture in the left.
    B)In the picture on the right we can see that there is a dam built by men, unlike the picture on the left, which the dam is a naturally one, so form time to time it might be danger with attempts at controlling nature.