We have read (and watched the video version) of two short stories by Roal Dahl. They both feature women experiencing troubled yet not so evident types of violence. 

 ACTIVITY: work in teams. You are a member of a group of experts working for the authorities . You have been asked to work on a campaign to raise awareness on healthy relationships. Think on how to project the idea of healthy relationships to launch an awareness raising campaign to help those people involved in an unhealthy relationship. As part of the campaign, your team is in charge of designing posters to be displayed in public spaces.

We will work on CANVAS postershttps://www.canva.com/print/posters/

Link to the material we have read and seen: 

Lamb to the Slaughter:  https://campus.belgrano.ort.edu.ar/ingles/articulo/1283289/lamb-to-the-slaughter

The Way up to Heaven: https://campus.belgrano.ort.edu.ar/ingles/articulo/1283342/the-way-up-to-heaven

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