Pre FCE level (2°CFHIJO) - Teacher Perez

Students from 2°CFHIJO – Pre FCE Level were asked to create a video under the motto “Things that matter”.
Students had the freedom to use the app they wanted (Tik Tok and Flipgrid were recommended), to work individually or in groups of two, to choose the length of the video (from 15 to 60 seconds) and to record themselves or show a sequence of pictures.  The teacher made a video to set the example for the students.

Once all the videos were uploaded to the campus, one group of students per zoom lesson showed their video to the rest of the class to hold a discussion about the topic presented.

The aims of this project are to promote communication effectively, to express and respond to personal feelings, to convey a message clearly, to participate in spontaneous spoken debate, to show facts/figures regarding the topic and to justify their choices. 

These were their results:

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