Look carefully
Fecha: 2/4/2020 | Creado por: Romina
Categoria: Writing
  • Francisco hace 2 años
    Last couple of days, I finished watching a netflix show called Rick and Morty. I have seen a lot of netflix series but if I have to choose one, this one would definitely be my choice.

    In one hand, its a great show because it is not only entertaining but its also educative.

    On the other hand, sometimes it is really violent, and also as it is a very well known show, a lot of people can spoil it for you.

    Finally, if you are older than 11 years old, and you like learning about different things, Rick and Morty is defenetly for you.
  • Ezequiel hace 2 años

    Last month , i spend all the nights watching Breaking Bad . I have already seen many series but I never saw a better one than this.

    In one hand , I think this serie has the best scenes because all of them seems to be real. Also , the plot is very interesting and that's why whenever you finish the chapter you want to see the next one.

    On the other hand , as it is a very famous series a lot of people had seen it and they can spoiler ant they they ruin the series

    If you are older than twelve , i really recommend you to watch Breaking Bad even you are not interested in drug traffickers but do not tell your friends that you are seeing it so that they do not spoil it.