Let's work a little bit on reading part 6 of the exam

1. You are going to read a newpaper article about an American music festival, Coachella. Read the article quickly for gist and choose the phrase 1-7 which best summarises each paragraph A-G. The first one is done for you.

1 appealing to the target market      D

2 getting bigger and better

3 choosing between two attractions

4 the original inspiration for Coachella

5 a fashionable destination

6 a money making success

7 overcoming problematic beginnings

2. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from sentences A-G the one which fits each gap. There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.

A       The appeal of its location - palm trees, guaranteed sunshine, warm temperatures - is not difficult to understand.

B       When refresments, merchandise, transport and accommodation are taken into account, the expense of attending rises dramatically.

C       Fear of missing out on another such memorable performance caused hueg demand for tickets the following year.

D      Lately, however, increasingly extravagant marketing by the fashion industry means that attendees are now preferring to stay away from the music concert itself.

E      Fortunately, these issues were soon resolved.

F      On this occasion, medical professionals treated numerous audience members for heat stroke.

G      Their other idea was even more brilliant.

3. Deducing words in context. Look at the underlined words and phrases in the article and options and try to work out the meaning from the context or froms the word itself. Then match each one to a definition of the verbs 1-9 and the adjectives 10-14.

1. spend a lot of money

2. show sth is definitely true}

3. find a solution (to a problem)

4. go in large numbers

5. try to get as much as possible (sometimes unfairly)

6. consider facts when making a decision

7. make sth seem less important

8. provide people with what they want

9. give the idea for

10. good but difficult

11. someone or something famous and important

12. impossible to refuse

13. makes a lot of money

14. very poor


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