Here you will find the activites in chronological order.
  1. WEEK MARCH 18-20 )a), and then tackle these 2 exercises b) an interactive FCE reading practice and c) a video on social media anxiety You can leave your answer on the video exercise here:
  2. MARCH 25TH Activity 2) and
  3. MARCH 26TH Activity 3) Verbs of deduction ( theory and mini- sentences) and KEYS to MARCH 25TH activity 2 (Focus on reading)
  5. APRIL 1ST: ACTIVITY. Superstition (Listening activity + question tags theory and practice- Ready for first unit 9. page 118- CB) and extra video
  6.  APRIL 2nd: FCE Writing part II. Reviews Extra self-correction exercises:
  7. APRIL 6th: We dealt with connectors of contrast and the follow-up exercises and coursebook page 120 Language Focus 3.
  8. APRIL13th: Coursebook page 116: expressions and phrasal verbs with GIVE.s, you can watch:  If you have trouble with phrasal verb Listening practice page 124-5( classwork).Homework: page 122-123. :).
  9. APRIL 20th : Listening FCE exam, Ready for FCE Coursebook,  page 124 ( pre. listening exercises).
  10. APRIL 22nd: Listening FCE Exam, Ready for FCE Coursebook, page 124 and 125.
  11. APRIL 23rd: Speaking exercise and homework correction.
  12. APRIL 27th. Listening exercise Coursebook page 125-127
  13. APRIL 29th Coursebook. Page 129 Working on vocabulary. Types of Crime. Page 130-132 Reading
  14. APRIL 30th Video Speaking, pronouncing and commenting
  15. MAY 4: Coursebook page 133 and 127: Passive Voice. Explanation and exercises on page 133
  16. MAY 5: Coursebook page 134-135.Writing: Articles
  17. MAY 6: We started discussing The way up tp heaven. We watched the first 20' fo the video: Homework: Finish Video and write Article
  18. MAY 11:We worked on A)  B) the questionnaire after reading the story "The way up to heaven": and watching the video assigned last week.
  19. MAY 13 AND 14: We worked on the Way up to heaven activities on campus
  20. MAY 19: REVISION : passive voice and instructions for homework ( essay Writing #7) TIPS ESSAY Writing : and  TASK #7
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