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Defining and Non-Defining Relative Clauses                 

Join the sentences below to make one sentence using a relative pronoun when necessary.

There's the boy. He broke the window. E.g. There is the boy who the window.

1- The film star gave a party. It cost $10,000.                                 

2- That's the palace. The Queen lives in it.

3- Samantha is coming to the party. She is wearing a red dress. 

4- You met a man at the party. He is a famous film star.

5- My friend went on holiday to Greece. He's at university.

6- The school was built in 1907. The school has about 800 students.

7- That's the dictionary. Bill gave it to me for Christmas.   

8- Claire is a good writer. I don't like her very much.

9- My car was very expensive. It's a Mercedes.                              

10- You're reading a book. I wanted to read it.                               

11- The Red Lion is a pub. We met in it for a drink.                                  

12- There's someone at the door. He wants to speak to George.

13- Here are the letters. They arrived this morning.            

14- I met Mr Da Silva. He is President of Brazil.                           

15- It's very spicy food. I love it.                 

16- That's the house. I was born in it.                                  


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