Benjamin C.

Writing 1

Dear Mark,

Thanks a lot for the letter. Sorry for writing so late but I was sick these days and I couldn´t answer till today.

It´s really interesting to live in a new house because I made a lot of new friends I want you to meet. But I haven´t got used to go to my new school, I still get lost everyday.

Answering your question I would love to go to your farm and meet the puppies and Lady. I can´t wait to see them.

Thank you for the invitation, see you in the summer.

Best wishes

Benjamin C



Writing 2

Dear Mr.Groves,

I have seen your advertisment in the local newspaper and I would like to apply for the post to volunteer in the festival.

I am 18-year-old English student and I like a lot of diferent kinds of music like Pop, Rock and electronic. I have also been singing Karaoke, and reggaeton since I was twelve.

Altough I have no experience to help in festivals I have helped in a lot of music camps for people from all the world.

I feel I would be well suited to this job because I can speak English really well and I could help with any pronlem.

I look foward to hearing from you soon 

Your sincerely 

Benjamin C 


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    Writing 3

    For and Against ESSAY

    It is widely known that internet is really useful, but some people believe it is not necessary to enjoy life to the full. In this ESSAY I will be describing the good and the bad things that the internet provides.

    One of the strongest arguments in favour is the fact that on the internet you can find what ever you want. You can order pizza or you can book for a table in a restaurant while you can watch movies in your house.

    On the other hand, there are several arguments against it. First, internet isolates children and they get used not to have firends. Secondly, it can be dangerous for young people because they can be bullied. Lastly, if you do not have an antivirus or you bought something in a non-secure webpage yiu can be stolen.

    In conclusion I think internet is a realy good tool but you have to be careful what you do on it.