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writing 1: informal email

clean copy

Dear Mark, 

                 I am writing to you because I will answer to your questions and I am gone a tell you how Buenos Aires is like.

                 Here in Buenos Aires there is a lot of noise  because I live just below the avenew and I live in a flat with a lot of people. Beside that  is a very nice to live here because if you want to buy something there are a lot of shops near you to buy what you want.

                On a typical day here I wake up at morning, have breakfast, go towork to the factory were I work. Then I come from work and I am so tired so I watch some T.V, I go to take a shower, I eat and I go to bed.

                 I am sorry, I can´t accept your invitation because I will go with some friends to Cordoba and when I come back, I will go on holidays with me family to Brasil. I am sorry,



Writing 2: letter of aplication

clean copy

Dear Mr Beacon, 

I am writting to apply for the post of the English- Speaking volunteers to help at a four day international pop and rock music festivalwhich I saw in the Latest edition of The English weekly.

I like to help people reach their goals so I do all the possible to help them reach it. I would make a big effort to help you raise money for the festival and I would like  to be in the festival too.

I have a lot of experiences selling clothes to people because my last two jobs I worked at selling clothes in a shop. I will benefit by going to the festival.

I fell I would be well suited this job, as I am very good at selling clothes to people to help reach money to do the festival. I would love to have the opportunity to do this job.

I look foward to hearing from you.

Yours sinecirely,

                         Francisco Tutera

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