Sasha R.

Writing 1: Esay 

 Dear mark, 

how are you? I’m sorry that I haven’t answered until today. I’ve been very occupied organising and cleaning up my new home, I moved to a new house in New York. My new house in Miami was on the beach, it was a lovely place but I got tiered of it. My new house is in Times Square. It’s a really comercial city. Everyone is buying, shops are full of new stuff everyday and there are a lot of restaurants.

I love my new city, it’s beautiful! I’m finishing the decoration of my house. It looks amazing.

A typical day in New York is really nice, you wake up and have breakfast, full of delicious dishes, with a lot of different flavours. I’m winter clothes, sometimes it snows. Lunch is the most important food for us. Then we go to work, and kids get out of school. At night most of the people have dinner at restaurants. But others just have dinner in their homes.

i would really like to go to you’re house but I’m with so many things in my mind. I’m sorry, thank you for the invitation! See you soon, sash.


Writing 2: Formal Letter

I have seen your advertisement on the local newspaper, I am interested in helping in your event. I would really like to apply for the volunteer post of music for life

I love pop, I am also a big fan of one of the bands that will be playing on the festival.I am interested in rock and jazz, but my favourite type of music is trap

I never had a job because I am a teenager, but I want to start having little jobs, and I think the best way to start, is whit a cool festival like you’res. I have seen that so many young people will go to the festival, that will help me, because I have three sisters and two brothers. My sisters are younger than me, and my brothers are the same age I am.

Closing, I can control a concert

Yours sincerely

Sasha R.



Writting competition: 

A local magazine has asked readers  to write an article about their favourite things about the internet. Write an article talking about the things you do with the internet and recomend a website to other readers 


Have you ever thought about which are your favourite things about internet? or how your life would be if internet was not created? 


Internet is a essential thing now a days. And i use it for so many things. today i am here to tell you why i love internet and what i use it for. 

As a teenager i am all day using internet, searching new things, watching movies, chatting, playing games…

Internet has given me a tool, which is the “connection”. With this i can be updated on what is happening in every part of the world. I  can talk to my friends, see what is happening in other cities, you can inform yourself about topics you don't know.


The website i  recommend is greenpeace. this is an online web which helps the environment. You can inform yourself, Look photos, read essays, watch videos, donate money and much more things. It is one of the most leading organizations which helps with this. it has 28 offices in 40 countries across europe, america, africa, asia and the pacific.

in conclusion, my favourite thing about internet is connection. i use internet for having fun and for studying.  i recommend you to use greenpeace.   


Oppinion Essay:

I think it’s really significant that all students study science in every school year, because science is one of the most important subjects of all school. 


Science has so many different branches to study. Each branch has special lessons. But, if you want to be a scientist you will have more opportunities to work of that, if you had  already studied science at school. Also, you can find out if you like biology or not, or if you want to dedicate your whole life to that.


I think that the main reason for studying science in every school year is that on the feature, people will need to be informed about science, for example, global warming and climate changes, these are really big problems in our society. These will continue growing and getting worse every year and if we are not informed about them we won’t know how to deal with them.


If we talk about the careers of  science, we will have to expand a lot. There are such an amazing quantity of different branches and each one is different from the others. That makes choosing which one you like more much more difficult. The best way to get prepared for that moment, is having already been taught at school what the different branches of science are about. Because of learning that takes a lot of time, it would be better if they can do it during all school.


As a conclusion, if we want the next generations to be more informed and have enough understanding to be able to make important decisions about science, the school should teach science every year.


Letter Of Application 

Dear Mrs Simpson 

I’ve seen an announcement on the children’s section from the international magazine and I would like to apply for the job


The main reason why I would like to apply is that I love being with children, another reason is that challenging myself is something that I like and I think these is a great opportunity to go for it. I don't have much work experience and I would like to have more jobs. I talk pretty good in English. 


Since I was little, I love gymnastics. I went to the Olympic Games. My idea is to give different activities where I can teach kids how to make pirouettes, in the past I’ve done teaching lessons and other stuff that can help me to teach, it’s important that kids learn how to do gymnastics because it can help them in their growing. Also, i love teaching, so that is another good point.


I think that I am the enough responsable to make a lesson in a summer camp, Also I am patient and I know how to treat with kids. I hope you consider my application 


I’m looking forward to hearing from you

Yours sincerely.


Sasha rabin



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