Antonia P.


Writing 1: informal email.

clean copy.

Dear mark,

Thanks for your letter, I really appreciate it. I have just finished school, that is why I haven’t reply your letter before.

Send me pictures relating to your farm, I want to see it. I also have to get up earlier, because of the weather, it´s changing now that we are in summer, and the sun rises at six at the morning. I’m nervous, tomorrow I´ll do my driving test, my mom just bought me a new car, It’s incredible.

Lady! She was so pretty, I can´t wait to see her again. I´m very proud of her, how many puppies did she have? Well I would like to go to help you and to play with the sheepdogs, but I´am waiting for the driving exam, so I prefer next week, please write and tell me if you agree with me. I´am so excited.

Ok, I’d better close now, as I have to go to dinner and I’ve to get showered. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Love, Antonia.


Writing 2: letter of application.

clean copy.

Dear Mr. Groves,

I am writing to apply for the post of the required English-Speaking volunteers for the music festival, which I saw advertised in the local English-Language newspaper.

I would like to apply for the Job because I know the language and I like music, I want to know more about each type. I have been doing charity since I was five, so I would love helping again. I need the money, because I have recently moved to a new house, where I live in my own.

I have social skills, I know very well how to organize people and how to talk to them. Last year I worked at a festival called “Pree - Fest - Party” where they had gone some youtubers and I was the assistant for all long day. I also managed the social medias of the party.

I feel I have the necessary patience for this show and I have experiences so I think I am the suitable person. I consider myself a reasonable person.

I hope you will consider my application.

Your sincerely, Antonia.

writing 3: essay.

clean copy.

The internet has been progressing a lot since the last years, its helps life, but also damages us, we have to use it in a moderate way.

One of the strongest arguments in favour is that the internet helps people in many ways. It is a way of socialization, we all have fun there. Consequently, the internet makes work easier, we can work from our houses with only a computer. Furthermore, it provides entertainment for all ages.

On the other hand, there are several arguments against it. To begin with, internet makes people worst doing what they know to. Secondly, its makes people shy, they can not have a face to face conversation, and they show a different life. Moreover, its create a bad habit when we use it in excess, we turn to be more unhealthy. Lastly, young children use it all day, that make distractions, and in school they do not pay attention, so they fail.

To sum up, in my opinion, internet is great, I think it is useful and helps us very much.  

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