Valentina H.

Writing 1_ Informal email clean copy.

Dear Mark,

                 Thanks for your last letter. I´m sorry I could´t write to you sooner. I´ve been very busy unpacking and decorating the new house.

                  I´m settling in just fine- thanks for asking. However, the first weeks were a little chaotic since I needed to unpack all my stuff and find a suitable job for me. In addition, I felt like sleeping in a garage because I was surrounded by different sizes of boxes. But now that I´m almost done, I feel like everything is very exciting since I´m getting used to this new lifestyle.

                  Now that I´ve found a job, I get up everyday at 7:00 to go to the office. As I´m a businesswomen I´ve to contact a lot of people to get more customers to buy our company´s products. After a whole day calling people, meeting people and picking up phone calls, I will go back home and rest.

                  By the way, about going to your place this summer. I would love to go and see all the puppies and help, Anyway, I must go now, see you this summer. Can´t wait to hear from you.

                Best wishes,  



Writing 2_ letter of application clean copy.

Mr. Groves, 

                     I'm writing to which I saw, advertised in the local English-language newspaper.

                      I have always been interested in music and I would like to opportunity to experience some working with music and improving my English. Moreover, I do not have any experience with working with people so I would like to try it.

                     Some relevant music-related interest that I have are singing and playing more instruments. I do know how to play the piano and the guitar, but I would like to know some more. And about singing, I am not professional but I believe I can sing very well since I have been attending some singing classes in my childhood.

                      I feel that I am a well-suited person for this job, since I am very hardworking and interested in it. I would love to be a musician later and I think it would be a great do start with a position as a volunteer.

          Looking forward to hearing from you.

     Yours sincerely,

      Valentina Hsu

Writing 3_ for and against clean copy

Do we need technology to enjoy life to the full?

Nowadays, many people use technology in their lives. While some people think we need technology to enjoy life to the full, others do not.

On the one hand, technology is something that could entertain us for a lot of time. For example, we can watch movies, videos or series easily. What is more, we could communicate from long distances with friends we do not always see or do not live near us. Moreover, we can learn a lot from it, since nowadays, there are a lot of applications made for academic purposes.

On the other hand, technology has made us stop socializing. We get addicted to it so easily that we do not realize that we waste all our time using technology instead of going out with friends. In addition, it makes us not talk face to face. What is more, some people even get bullied by social media.

To sum up, I think technology is not essential to enjoy life to the full since it has made more damage than help

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