Lucia G.

Writing 1: Informal email

Clean copy

Dear Mark, 

Thank you very much for answering my letter. I'm thankful you asked about how i was setteling in, I miss you a lot. We haven't spoken since I moved to Buenos Aires.

It is a little hard  to speak spanish everyday, but luckily most of my friends know how to speak english, it is hard anyway. My new friends were very nice with me when I first went to school, they made me a tour arround the school and they invited me to their houses. I still haven't got used to eating so late, but i know i will, soon.

Thank you very much for your invitation, but I can't go, when I´m in summer you will be in winter, so our holidays won't be at the same time and I can't miss classes. I have to go to take my dog for a walk arround the city.



Writing 2: Letter of application 

Clean copy

Dear Mr. Groves,

I am writing to apply for the volunteer position at the music festival, to help raising money for charity, which I saw advertised in the local newspaper.

I have always liked helping people who do not have the same possibilities as we do, I think it is important for us to give our best in helping them, so that they at least can have food, light, water and somwhere to live. I would also love to hear the music, I like pop and country and I heard that they are playing that kind of music.

I have some original ideas to raise money, like selling cookies or lemonade and hanging big posters to call their attention. We can also set up a stall with games, where you have to pay for playing, and we use that money for charity. I have worked in many similar events, so I could say I have a lot of experience on working with people, especially with teenagers who are the ones that generally go to the festivals.

I look foward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Lucia G.

Writing 3: Essay

Clean copy

It is true that the internet is very important in our lives these days, but that does not mean that we enjoy life to the full thanks to it. The use and the fun depends on every situation and the person.

On one hand, internet can make our relationships with our friends easier. For example, we can get in touch immediately and at any time of the day. Also it is a great way of being entertained playing games, shopping online, watching movies and following celebrities. In addition, the internet allows us to have acces to a huge amount of information from all arround the world, which simplifies our life, so we can enjoy our free time more.

On the other hand, there may be some disadvantages, especially about safety. In the first place, there are many crimes commited through the internet by people who contact us as friends. Secondly, the more time we spend on the internet, the more addicted and isolated we become. Last, we can surf sites which are not safe, so we have to be very careful.

In conclusion, I believe the internet makes our life simpler, getting us close to our friends, amusement and information, howevwer, it is necessary to be responsible and careful when using it.

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