Writing I-Informal Email

Dear Mark,

                 Hi! How are you? I've ve read your letter and I would go but me, unfortunatley, have to study for a math's test, I'me so sorry.

  About me, as you know, I moved recently so my rutines and my tipical day have completly changed. Before I used to get up at 7 o'clock to go to school but now I have to wake up 6 o'clock! I get up so early because my school is so far.

Now, I have new neighbours, all of them are so frendly, one of them brought us food, anothers invitated us to play board games. We had to buy some furtnitures because the house is so big. Write me soon! Best wishes Agus

Writing II-Letter of aplication 

Dear Paul, 

                Im writing to apply for volunteer. I am aplying because mi favourite band will be playing there.

I have experience working with people because I used to work in a circus.

I would be benefite because I have lot of free time and I want to invert some of it in something productive.

 I look forward to atend the event.


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