Emma J

writing1 -informal email

clean copy


Dear Mark,

                 I miss you a lot! I didn´t make new friends because i haven´t met anyone. I am looking forward to seeing you.

            My settling in goes better than i thought, it´s easier. The sorroundings are beautiful, there is a park oposite the apartment, a shop at the corner and a river. The apartment, is quite big, it has 3 bedrooms, a spaceful living and a kitchen.

           The first days have passed by verry fast because of the settling in. I used to wakw up at 8 am o´clock and finish at 7pm.

         I am excited to go and see Lady´s puppies! I´m sure that i could go in december, i will get in touch with you and let you know.     

with love


writing 2 -letter of application

clean copy

            Dear Mr, Groves,

                                    I am writing to apply for the post as an English speaking wich a saw in my local English newspaper.

         I would like to apply because i love helping for charity by raising money, also because i like the type of music. I have a great deal of experience in English speaking. I spent three years by working as an English teacher at an English school.

          I feel i have the necessary experiece to be an enthusiastic English speaker in the music festival. I could help you, to get more volunteers, by doing a post at my friend´s newspaper.


         i could benefit from the position by gaining fluency in the English laguage. I reckon i would be really good at this.

I am looking forward to taking the post,


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