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writing1 -informal email

clean copy


Dear Mark,

                 I miss you a lot! I didn´t make new friends because i haven´t met anyone. I am looking forward to seeing you.

            My settling in goes better than i thought, it´s easier. The sorroundings are beautiful, there is a park oposite the apartment, a shop at the corner and a river. The apartment, is quite big, it has 3 bedrooms, a spaceful living and a kitchen.

           The first days have passed by verry fast because of the settling in. I used to wakw up at 8 am o´clock and finish at 7pm.

         I am excited to go and see Lady´s puppies! I´m sure that i could go in december, i will get in touch with you and let you know.     

with love


writing 2 -letter of application

clean copy 

            Dear Mr, Groves,

                                    I am writing to apply for the post as an English speaking wich a saw in my local English newspaper.

         I would like to apply because i love helping for charity by raising money, also because i like the type of music. I have a great deal of experience in English speaking. I spent three years by working as an English teacher at an English school.

          I feel i have the necessary experiece to be an enthusiastic English speaker in the music festival. I could help you, to get more volunteers, by doing a post at my friend´s newspaper.


         i could benefit from the position by gaining fluency in the English laguage. I reckon i would be really good at this.

I am looking forward to taking the post,


writing 3 - opinion essay

clean copy

Nowadays,we often use the internet to work or just have fun. In my opinion, we need it to make our life easier.

        First of all, being in touch with friends is simpler with the internet. For example if you have a friend that mooved away and you want to chat with her, it is faster. Also if it is a friend's birthday, you can call her no matter where you are.

       Secondly we need it at school to make studying and practising for a test lest complicated. Students find it easier to search something for homework. What's more, they can practice online with self-correction.

        Finally, the internet is place that provides a lot of entertainment. There are a lot of web sites that you can surf to have fun. For example, you can watch films, videos or listen to music.

        To sum up, the internet is so awsome that help us to do things in a faster way.


writing 4 - report

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The aim of this report is to give suggestions and describe important parks and gardens in Buenos Aires city.

  1.  Japanese Garden

It is located in Tres de Febrero Park, in Palermo. There are many different native trees such us Palo Borracho and Tipa; you can also find a great variety of Japanese plants, including azaleas, cherry tree and Sakura. There are lots of restaurants with typical Japanese food.


  1. Botanical Garden

This fantastic garden is near of Palermo Park. It has more than 1.400 different types of plants. At this incredible garden there are many sculptures like, “Venus” or “La Primavera”, also you can see marble sculptures. Although the entrance is free, the guided tour isn´t.


  1. Rose Garden

The Rose garden of Palermo, also called Paseo del Rosedal, is a traditional park in the Palermo neighborhood, near of Tres de Febrero park. It has approximately 18.000 types of roses.  The incredible view, flowers and variety of plants are the most important things of this park.



These incredible gardens from Buenos Aires city are near each other but one of these three has something that the others don’t…  the Japanese Garden, with lots of things to do, and places to eat.


writing 5 - review

clean copy


In this Review I am going to talk about the new Disney movie "Aladdin". A beautiful movie that is about a magic genie and his lamp, in which he was locked for ages until Aladdin finds him. Then Aladdin has to ask for three wishes. It is at that moment when the adventure starts.

In this production we have, as the cast, Mena Massoud (Aladdin), Naomi Scott (Princess Jasmine), Will Smith (Genie), Marwan Kenzari (Jafar) and many other characters. 

Filming Set:

This amazing production takes place in Agrabah, a country that Disney created. But the real location is in Longcross Studios in Surrey and most of the filming took place in Jordan's breathtaking Wadi Rum desert.

More information:

As the producers we have Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, who also did Deth Note. The director, Guy Ritchie, decided to release the movie around April or May, the film took years to shoot because the protagonist skept the script and asked the genius for personal wishes.

Conclusion and recommendations:

In conclusion, I recommend this movie for all ages, from the youngest persons to the oldest ones. It is a beautiful movie to watch in family and friends, you would enjoy it more.

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