Ambar P.



Dear Mark,

Thanks for writing, my firsts days here were a little dificult. The new house has two floors, the other one had 1. When I am upstairs, an I want to eat, I have to go downstairs because the kitchen iss on the first floor. But exept for that, I like the new house.

I have met new neghbords, and one of tem is my best friend! Thre are a lot of new shops, because I am one block from the main avenue. However, my new school is for from my hoouse.

I usually wake up at 6:00 am, have breakfast, put on my uniform, and I go to school. I come back at 3 pm, and I have my snack. Then I play with my phone, until we have dinner. After that I go to sleep. 

I have wonderfull news. I will accept your invitation! I think it´s a good idea and we can cach up. I have to go to sleep.





Dear Mr. Paul Groves,

I am writing to apply for the volunteer post of English-speaking at the music festival which I saw in my local English-language newspaper.

I like a variety of music: pop, rock, trap, K-pop, rap, cumbia, disco, electronica, hip hop, salsa, tango. My father is a famous singer and I want to be like im. I think this could be a very good start, and I also need to work because I want to have my own house.

I have been working with some people in a summer camp this year. I am very good organizing groups of people and events. I speack English very well, I went to a conference in which I talked for hours in English.

I feel I have the necessary energy requested to make people understand what they will listen to. I hope you will consider my application favourably.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Yours sincerely

                              Ambar Palermo. 

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