Nicolás D.

writing 1-

               Dear Peter,

                                Thanks for writing to me. I´m writing to you from my new house! It´s incredible, it has view to the sea and it´s really silent.

My parents have new jobs and they enjoy them a lot. They get paid much better than before. And they don´t have to work neither Sundays or Saturdays, so I can see them more.

My rutine is, I wake up at 5 a.m., I have a bath, I brush my teeth, I change clothes, I have breakfast and I go to school. I finish school at 12:15 and then I go to have lunch to an incredible mexican food. Then I go to the gym and go back to my house.Finally I watch TV, play videogames, study or do homework.

I would love to go to your farm! Itwould be awesome to go on summer. I will enjoy helping you and your family. I love to have new experiences.

I look forward of hearing from you,


writing 2-

             Dear Mr. Groves,

                                      I have seen your advertisement in a local English-language newspaper and I would like to apply as a volunteer.

I am keen in rock music and I really want to help charity. i have worked with people and I like to meet new friends., so it is easy for me to work with other people.

I would benefit because it is a new experience, and I will know that it will also benefit and help charity.

I would also benefit in the way that I would be making new friends.

                                                                                                         I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

                          Nicolás Dyszel.  

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