Andrés L.

Writing 1: informal E-mail.

Clean copy

Dear Mark,

Thanks a lot for the letter and I´m sorry it´s taken me so long to write to you.

I´m trying to adapt to the new people here in my new town. I normally go to talk with the neighbours, and mostly, we talk about our routines and sometimes we talk about how they organise events in differents times of the year, like, in chrismas, they place a giant pine tree near the lake and place a lot of presents for the kids, and then they open them all together.

I can say that this town is as good as the previous one, but you know that I don´t attach with my houses and towns because I´m like a type of nomad.

I apreciate your invitation, but I´m afraid that I wont be able to go. I still have to solve some problems with the move of the house. It will be another time.



Writing 2: Letter of applycation.

Clean copy

Dear Mr. Groves

I would like to apply for the volunteer job as advertised in your local English-Language newspaper.

I work as a music teacher in a music university. I am precisely specialized in the guitar section, and in the afternoons, I teach in private classes. Moreover, I speak two languages: Spanish and English.

As you know, I am a music teacher so I am experienced working with different types of people. I like all the types of music but my favourite is rock.

I feel I can help in this event by teaching local people and foreigners because of my knowledge of English and Spanish.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely.

Andrés Lenger


Writing 3: Review

Clean copy


Review of Avengers Endgame


I am going to talk about the newest movie of the avengers, Avengers Endgame.


This movie hasmany positive apects. The movie starts after the dissapearance of half of the universe, also superheroes. The responsible for this is Thanos, the main villian of the movie. The film shows the life of heroes after this event and how they figure out to bring all their friends back. On the point of view of Thanos, he started a new life without violence on another planet, and most important, happy of what he has done.


The main and only problem of the movie is that it is so long that you get bored during the first hour. Despite this, then it is entertaining.


The cast of the film is a very good one because the actors perform really well the characters and they look very credible. Also, the special effects are the best i have ever seen. The movie has exploions, gunshots, superheroes flights and many other details.

It is a very detailed and perfect film and is worth of it watching it. Although the movie has 25-30 minutes of boring talks, then you have acion and adventure. It is one of the best movies i have ever seen.


Writing 4: Report


Los cuatro fantasticos:


Boy: Hey Mom!


Mom: Yes Little son?


Boy: Can i ask you something?


Mom: Sure, What do you want to know?


Boy: Why are you always changing boyfriends? How do you feel?, because you are also breaking with them? are they as bad as Dad?


Mom: Well… That's something very complicated. You are too young. You will not understand…


Boy: Prove Me


Mom: Well… When your father disappeared, I was so sad, that i need to fill a void in my heart. So i need a boyfriend, Who understands me and supports in rough times.


Boy: So do you hate dad?


Mom:: I don’t hate him, but i don’t want to stay near him.


Boy: And Why didyou break with them?


Mom: Will you ever stop asking?


Boy: Nop


Mom: Ok. There are sometimes when We get tired of each other.


Boy: Ohhhh. And why are you with The one who puts the wifi, Rolando?


Mom: Because he is very kind with me.


Boy: You said That You don't want to be near Dad?


Mom: Yes….


Boy: So Why do we stay here?, Why didn’t you move when More Color Asked you? Why did you break up with More color when he asked you?


Mom: As I said before, It's very complicated. You will not understand


The Phone Rang


Mom: Work is calling, I need to go


Boy: Bye


Mom: Bye Little child.




Writing competition.

(No corrections)


Intresting things on web that probably you didn´t know about them


Probably, most of the people reading this don´t know how many things you can do on the internet and in this article, I will show you my favourite thing that you can find on the web.

Firstly, I wan´t to tell you that every information you wan´t to know, is on the web, mostly on forums and pages. In this places, you can ask to people and inmediately, someone will answer you because there are lots of persons with different knowledges.

Another of the best tools of the web are the pages to bet or others that you can transform your activity on that page in money! Most of these are of sports and competitions and many people bet a considerable amount of money that you could win.

My opinion is that people waste the web tools only because they don´t know even if they exist! So I wish that my article has been useful for you and that you have learnt alternative tools of the web. 

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