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Dear Mark

Hi! How are you? It is nice to hear from you again. I am so glad that you are having an awesome time at the farm.

I am loving my new home, life here is brilliant! Although I have been only a short time here, I already have some friends to talk and play with.

On a typical day, I go to school on foot, since it is only three blocks away, with my friend and neighbor John. After that, we attend classes until 1:00pm, and then we usually go to have some lunch together. The rest of the day depend on what we want to do, but it is always pretty fun while I am with him!

Your farm sounds amazing! I would love to go there and milk the cows with you, but unfortunaly I am no having vacation until July, which is two months away! Let me know if you are free at the time so I can visit you.

It is nice talking to you again; I think we would do it more frequently, since we have not seen each other.

Send your family a kiss from me,



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  • Lujan hace 9 meses
    Review on bird box
    This one is an action/horror movie; it will introduce you into a suspense felling and will scare you a lot. It was filmed on California la, and star by amazing actors.
    This movie is about sourvivors. “Malory” (Sandra bullock), had to protect their children’s on a virus apocalypse that if you see it, it takes your life. While the movie is develop she meets people that will help her and not. At every time, she must be blindfold.
    At bird box they have an excellent cast, because they have a lot of famous actors and actress like: Sandra bullock “malorie” (being the protagonist and Oscar winner) and Sarah Paulson “jessica” being her sister. Then travis Rhodes “tom” and jhon Malkovich “douglas” doing an important role..

    Setting and special effects:
    The setting was amazing, the special effects were so good and terrorific, they made you feel like you were participating
    In conclusion:
    In my opinion this is an incredible movie, you must watch it! It is only on Netflix and

  • Lujan hace 9 meses
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Dear Juliet,
    I am in a controversial and polemic love problem. I am 14 years old; I came from a religious family, where I cannot have a boyfriend of another religion.
    I cannot imagine my life without him, we are like the moon with the starts and we start being in love for about 3 years ago. We see each other only once a month at the lake behind my school every 21 at the same hour, 2 o´clock. He is 16 and he is Jew. I am Muslim, our families are enemies, and that is the reason because we cannot share our love to the world.
    My father is forcing me of going out with a Muslim boy who is in love with me and our families are according to marry us when I turn 15 (2 months to happen).
    I need a solution or an advice, please tell me what to do I am in love! Real love!
    Best regards, Loren Samar
  • Lujan hace 9 meses
    Have you ever thought about living your life without internet?
    What would you do at your extratime, everything will ve so boring, everytime I open my computer I enter to whatsapp web and write every message from there. Also to, I look for the paper news and learn new information. Internet gives you every tasks of information.
    Interestingly, my favorite’s websites are the ones who teaches you life learnings, although I like playing games at friv because y have fun free. Can you imagine all the number of users using the same page that you are using? It must be amazing to know the number of people, I think that millions of users must be entering to Instagram right now.
    Most of the people use google chrome to search for information but I recommend you tu use ecosia, that on everytime you enter you plant a tree! It is amazing, you help the world doing basically nothing!
  • Lujan hace aproximadamente un año
    Report on transport facilities

    The aim of this report is to talk about transport facilities in Buenos Aires city, buses, Itau bikes, cars and Uber.
    This transport is so easy to use , in this one you pay with your Sube card in the bus, it is very common to see a lot of buses at the street. Buses are cheaper than other transports, but sometimes they are cramped and those who were waiting must wait again for another.
    Itau bikes:
    These ones are new in the road; they are free, and so easy to use. All round the town people will find stations, you only have to download the app and registrate . These bikes are good for small trips but there are people who use is for longer trips.
    Cars are the most common; they are more expensive than the ones I describe before because Petrol is so expensive in Argentina. Is best key to move to one place throw another.
    Uber is an app. In this one you must use your phone, enter the app and put your destination, then a car will pick you up and take you to your destination, you pay and that’s it. Is cheaper than taxis so it is very for common people use it, but here Uber is illegal yet.
    Conclusion and suggestion:
    In conclusion, the best option is tacking the bus, the cheapies of all the public transports and they are safe. But my suggestion is to go on an uber that they are not so expansive and you will be comfortable anyway.
    - [ ]
  • Lujan hace aproximadamente un año
    In my opinión, internet is one of the most important things in my life, i think that is essential too for the society. For three main reasons.

    First of all, life is simple with internet regarding friendship, you can have a conversation in a same place, you can talk to them during everyday. When your friend, lives in an other country, you can keep in contact more easily.

    Secondly, social media is makeup in the world, there you can have conversations with people, famous or not, so you show your ideas to other accounts and met persons from other countries.

    Finally, there you can also download apps and movies. If you stay at homes you can see movies and not go to the cinema that is expensive. You can get games from the app store that are free and such fun.

    In conclusion, I believe the internet is a tool that technology gives to us and we have to squeeze it at 100%..