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Dear Mark

Hi! How are you? It is nice to hear from you again. I am so glad that you are having an awesome time at the farm.

I am loving my new home, life here is brilliant! Although I have been only a short time here, I already have some friends to talk and play with.

On a typical day, I go to school on foot, since it is only three blocks away, with my friend and neighbor John. After that, we attend classes until 1:00pm, and then we usually go to have some lunch together. The rest of the day depend on what we want to do, but it is always pretty fun while I am with him!

Your farm sounds amazing! I would love to go there and milk the cows with you, but unfortunaly I am no having vacation until July, which is two months away! Let me know if you are free at the time so I can visit you.

It is nice talking to you again; I think we would do it more frequently, since we have not seen each other.

Send your family a kiss from me,



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  • Lujan hace 2 semanas
    In my opinión, internet is one of the most important things in my life, i think that is essential too for the society. For three main reasons.

    First of all, life is simple with internet regarding friendship, you can have a conversation in a same place, you can talk to them during everyday. When your friend, lives in an other country, you can keep in contact more easily.

    Secondly, social media is makeup in the world, there you can have conversations with people, famous or not, so you show your ideas to other accounts and met persons from other countries.

    Finally, there you can also download apps and movies. If you stay at homes you can see movies and not go to the cinema that is expensive. You can get games from the app store that are free and such fun.

    In conclusion, I believe the internet is a tool that technology gives to us and we have to squeeze it at 100%..