Tomás K

Writing 2 letter of application clean copy:

Dear Mr Grove

I would like to apply for the job as a volunteer for the pop and rock festival as advertised in the newspaper advertisment "Are you a music fan?".

I like playing all types of instruments and also love all that requires music. I attend a school where all is about. I have also attended to an English course for 10 years. There, I sat for international exams such as KAE and Proficiensy.

I know how to play all types music, because I have already been to many concerts. The last concert was full, there were like 400 people and we collected more than $10000 for homeless people. I have also been to London for a concert, I stayed there 2 months, but I learned a lot more English.

I feel I have the necessary to take part in the festival because I do not worry how many time I have to spend if its about music. I also have a lot of energy so I can give some to the people. I hope you consider the option.

I look foward to hearing from you 

yours sincerely

Tomás K


Writing 3 essay clean copy:

Internet is now considered by many people, part of our lives. In this essay I will explain the positive and negative aspects of internet.

Internet let us be comfortable while we entretain playing with friends. A way to keep up friendships even when they are far away is playing online with them. We can also entretain for hours while playing online. And at last you can relax while playing online.

Although internet has its positive side, it also has a negative side. For example, sometimes we play so much online with our friends that we forget that we can play with them not necessarily with the use of internet. We can also entretain with things that do not involve internet, a book for example. There are also ways of relaxing that do not involve internet, sleeping for example.

In conclusion, internet is very useful in a lot of ways, and sometime it is the best way to pass the time. But it has more negative than positive aspects, because all the things we do with internet can be performed without it. For these reasons I disagree with the constant use of the internet.

Writing 4 review clean copy:

When I went to see this movie with my friends I finished the day with a bad taste in my mouth, but I enyoed the film.

This movie might be very important for some people who saw all the Toy Story movies, as it can be very enjoyable. At the beginning of the fil is entreteining and nostalgic for some people, beause these characters who marked our childhood reappear. There are also new well developed characters, which make the film better, and we can also see the development of some new characters as well as old characters.

But on the other hand, the conflict of the film is forced and lengthened so much that it becomes kind of annoyingwatching the characters doing the same again and again, and this is a great drawback because there is a lot of time spent doing nothing. However, the end of the film is very nice and sad in a way.

In conclusion, Iwould recommend you to go and watch it only if you have seen, at least, the first and second of Toy Story movies. If not, I wouldn't watch it because it can be kind of annoying.

Writing 5 report clean copy:


Report on Tigre and Nordelta


The aim of this report is to suggest places to go shopping and entertainment in Tigre and Nordelta.


Mall in Nordelta:

This is a place where there are a lot of activities to do with your family or friends, the cinema is a great place to spend time watching movies such as Toy Story 4, Annabel 3 and Spiderman . There are also restaurants such as, “El almacén de pizza”, “Diembers” or “Tutti a Tavola”, and also, “Freddo”, “Havana” and Starbucks, good places to have a dessert . There are also some places to buy really nice clothes like “Herencia”.


Hacoaj Club:

Hacoaj is a place where sports, like basketball, football and hockey, are the best options. Spending hours playing any sport in there is really entertaining. 


Remeros Plaza:

In “Remeros Plaza”, the Carrefour is the most notorious thing, but there are some other places where you can eat and the food is delicious, some of these are “Palta”, “Patagonia” and Bagels & Bagels.



I recommend going to these three places, so that you can enjoy Tigre and Nordelta as much as you can.

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