J. Bautista G.


Hi Mark,

   I'm glad to hear from you. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write you back but I've been busy with school and all that stuff, Besides, I moved from my previous home to another one so the new owners were the ones who recieved your letter so there was a delay on its delivery.

   This months I've been studying for the F.C.E. exam which is quite tough so I spent a lot of time working on it. As I told you, I moved six months ago to a small alluring house at Buci ave. 1541. During summer, my dad booked a trip to Denmark for four days but if I have time, I'll go to your house and farm for a couple of days.

   Hope to see you soon, please tell me when could I visit you.

Looking forward to your answer, Bauti.


Dear mr. Groves,

   I would like to volunteer to work for the International pop and rock music festival from July the fourth to July the seventh.

   I love festivals and music, especially rock; I have made a band with some friends, you may confirm on Youtube or Spotify, we are called "Nirvana". I also finished a degree on human resources 3 months ago and now I started a course on graphic design.

   There are many things I could do for the festival, such as digital marketing, I got one-hundred-thousand followers on my band's Instagram account only advertising via social media. I also know most of the elements that a stage needs and how to make them run.

   I feel I would benefit from this festival as much as the festival would benefit from me because I would learn much more about live concerts, music and I would be helping charity.

   I hope you will consider my application favorably.

Honestly, Bautista




Introduction :

The aim of this report is to expose diverse restaurants and shops in the town of San Martín de los Andes and Chapelco resort, Neuquén, Argentina.


San Martín avenue:

This is the main Avenue of the town, some restaurants here are “Doña Quela” which serves traditional food of the Patagonia and “Pizza Cala” that has the best and cheapest pizzas and empanadas in San Martin de los andes. “Abolengo” and “La abuela goye” are two of the best chocolate shops in Argentina, these shops do not only offer chocolate, but also sell alfajores, jams, ice cream and other local products.


Roca & Villegas :

These two streets are near  San Martín Av. On Villegas you can find “Piscis” a steak house which is, indeed the most successful one in all the town and completely recommendable. On Roca you may find lots of hotels, hostels or log cabins to stay while you are in the town, this street is also full of gift shops.


Cerro Chapelco :

Besides being a fantastic Ski resort, Chapelco is also a great place for eating , there are many restaurants in the mountain, some of them are : The meadow of the Puma, Ranch Manolo, The Graeff and Antulauquen. On the base of the mountain you may find some places like “Torino”, “Patagonia beer” or “La abuela goye” where people go to after their skiing day, this activity is called “After Ski”.


Conclusion :

San Martin de los Andes and Chapelco are worth considering spending your money on gastronomy and any other type of shops.





 Last month, I watched the series “Sherlock”, based on the novels of Arthur Conan Doyle, which tells the adventures of the private detective specialized in deduction Sherlock Holmes and his loyal assistant Dr. Watson, but in the case of the TV show, the story takes place in the modern world. The only thing I am looking forward after finishing the series is the release of the next season!


 From the beginning of the show, Sherlock Holmes is requested by different private customers and the Police Department of London to solve difficult criminal cases. This shows us how smart, clever and fast in every deduction the protagonist is, which will leave definitely astonished.


 Every chapter tells a different adventure which mostly include a criminal case solved by Sherlock which makes all the TV show even more dynamic. Moreover the cases that are independent of each other, the series also creates in you an enigma which motivates to keep on watching every chapter. This enigma is generated by the litigations between Sherlock and his enemy Moriarti, their confrontations are usually to demonstrate who is more clever and unpredictable.


 The only bad aspects of the show are two moments (that I can not tell if you do not want to be spoiled) where they deal with very delicate topics which you may call low blows that make you really sad. The other bad point is Watson’s wife that, although at first She and her husband were happy together, she ends up making the series less dynamic and betraying Sherlock’s assistant.


 “Sherlock” is not only a series to see alone, it is even better to watch with your friends or family, you will get implicated in the story with your own deductions. Every chapter of this series is definitely worth to see!


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