J. Bautista G.


Hi Mark,

   I'm glad to hear from you. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write you back but I've been busy with school and all that stuff, Besides, I moved from my previous home to another one so the new owners were the ones who recieved your letter so there was a delay on its delivery.

   This months I've been studying for the F.C.E. exam which is quite tough so I spent a lot of time working on it. As I told you, I moved six months ago to a small alluring house at Buci ave. 1541. During summer, my dad booked a trip to Denmark for four days but if I have time, I'll go to your house and farm for a couple of days.

   Hope to see you soon, please tell me when could I visit you.

Looking forward to your answer, Bauti.


Dear mr. Groves,

   I would like to volunteer to work for the International pop and rock music festival from July the fourth to July the seventh.

   I love festivals and music, especially rock; I have made a band with some friends, you may confirm on Youtube or Spotify, we are called "Nirvana". I also finished a degree on human resources 3 months ago and now I started a course on graphic design.

   There are many things I could do for the festival, such as digital marketing, I got one-hundred-thousand followers on my band's Instagram account only advertising via social media. I also know most of the elements that a stage needs and how to make them run.

   I feel I would benefit from this festival as much as the festival would benefit from me because I would learn much more about live concerts, music and I would be helping charity.

   I hope you will consider my application favorably.

Honestly, Bautista



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