Julieta K.

Wrtiting 1. Informal email, clean copy

Hey Mark,

           Thanks for your letter, it was nice to hear form you. I kinda like this place, but honestly, I like my old house more than this one. From my room you can literally hear everything that happens on the street. Also. it´s as small as a bathroom, sometimes when I get up, I hit my feet with the desk I have near my bed. But actually, some things are better now, for example, now I´m closer to my school, so taking the bus from school to my house is very comfortable. Another good thing about it is that there are lots of stores surrounding it, so everytime I need something, I don´t have to go far to get it. A day here is the same as in my old house.

            About your inviation, I´m not sure I can go to yours in the summer, it´s too far from here, and my parents work in summer too so I don´t think they could take me that far. But you can come here if you want.

Miss you


Writting 2, formal email, clean copy

 Dear Mr. Groves,

           I am writting to apply for the volunteers post which I saw advertised in my local English-language newspaper.

           I have worked on a similar post lat year and I loved it. I have been there three days, I was in the organisation area. What I did is cheking that everyone that was inside the festival had paid for the ticket and that every artist was in his or her possition. So I consider I have enough experience. Also because I love pop and rock music, so I will have so much fun.

           I would benefit- from this opportunity- because I want to work in a place where people can help other people by talking, so I want to have experience in working with people.

           That is why I think I am suitable for this post. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerly

Julieta K.

Essay writing, page 205, clean version (for/againist)

            It is said internet is very important, some people could not live without it. However, it has good and bad aspects I will develop later on.

             One of the best aspects is the communication, you can communicate with your friends no matter where you are. It helps education as well, kids who can not attend school, can do online school, which provides, almost the same. In addition, social networks are amazing and  they could not be used without it. Also it helps people keep getting informed, instead of buying newspapers.

             On the other hand, it is dangerous, because there are people who know where you live or where you save your money. It is addictive too, there are people who can not stop using it. some people actually use it for bulling by social media and messages. In addition, it sends waves that are really harmful for your health.

              On balance, I am in favor of the internet, but I think some changes should be made to make it better.

Writing (page 40), clean version

                A huge change in my life

                Sometimes a simple change in your life can change a lot more that it seems to, I had one of them.

                When I was four, my parents decided to get divorced. I didn’t understand what was happening, but I noticed that my mom was never in my house. Then I had to move to another house with her where my dad wasn’t.

                As I mentioned before, I didn’t comprehend the changes, but obviously I started noticing that some things were changing. For example, at school events I was with my dad when everyone was with his her mom. That happened because my mom had to start working so my dad, who was old in his job, could go. Later my friends started noticing, and when they asked me, I didn’t know what to answer and I hated it.

                That was the biggest change in my life, which I can control better now. Although, sometimes I still have some difficulties. But I prefer this to parents arguing all the time.






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