Owner/Name: Iván A.

Writing 1- Informal letter

            Dear Mark,

I´m glad to hear from you! I´m very comfortable in my new house. I am still not used to pollution. The city is very big and there are a lot of interesting and funny things to do.

 I go to school fron 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. After school, I play basketball twice a week, and in the other days, i like to ride in my bike on the park. During the weekends, i go to the cinema, visit musedums and hangout with friends.

I accept your invitation. I am looking forward to seeing you and your family in summer. I´d like to play with your puppies and lady. And of course i will help you with the harvest.

                                By the way, you can come and visit me too! I´ll be glad to show you the city and the new home

                                I hope to hear from you soon

                                               Best wishes



 Writing 2- Letter of application.

                         Dear Paul Groves

                                            I have read your advertisment in the local newspaper and i would like to apply for the job, volunteering at the music festival.

I love music, a big variety of it, Pop, Rock, Electronic, Dupstep, Etc. I am glad to help people so I think i would be well suited to the job.

I am very patient, and i would like to be there with people that share my same music interests. i spent two years working as a theater assistant in the local theater so i have excellent organizational skills. 

I believe I am the ideal candidate for the job, because I have friendly and entusiastic nature, also, people often tell me that I am a good leader.

I hope you will consider my application

Yours sincerely,

Iván A.

Writing 3- Essay

Some prople thinks that the internet is not neccesary to enjoy life to the full. But i believe that actually we can not imagine a life without it.

First of all, The impact of the internet in relationships has been huge. It helps us to keep in touch with family and friends fast and facile, no matter where they live. Social networks alloe to meet new friends or partners, and others that share their same interest.

Secondly, It makes our life easier as we can find not only others to share information with, but also we have a endless access to libraries, encyclopaedias, scientific information, etc. Also, shopping is a lot more effortless and quickly.

Finally, The internet is an endless source of entertainment. We can find music, movies, tv shows, whetever we want. And last but not least, Tons of games or videogames to play with friends or by ourselves.

To sum up, It is hard to imagine life without internet now. However, I hope we will never stop enjoying nature and simple things.

Writing 4- Report


The aim of this report is to provide information about transport facilities in Belgrano neighborhood, in order to increase the number of visitors.

Buses and Subways

There are lots buses, two train branches and the subway Line D, multiple options that connect Belgrano with the rest of the city and Buenos Aires Province. Plus the city bus, that offers city tours in several languages around Buenos Aires City, has one of its stops near Chinatown.

Other Ways (Bikes):

One interesting alternative to go around are the several eco bikes stations, where is borrowing an eco bike from free after registering on a web site, and bike trails for a safe journey. Also there are some “bikes paths” all around the neighborhood.


I recommend a tourist assistance center. Chinatown could be the best location, as its an international tourist attraction, to inform visitors about other interesting places to discover and activities in the neighborhood. There are lots of things to do in Belgrano that even locals might not know about.

Writing 5- Review

In this review I am going to review the movie “Avengers Endgame” from “Marvel Studios”. The film was directed by Antony and Joe Russo. And is the Most

The movie takes place after Infinity War. After the dramatic and tragic end of Infinity War. The avengers are devastated and they want to solve and recover what they lost in Infinity War. But, there is a little obstacle to sort out.

The cast in this movie it is amazing. It stars Chris Evans as “Captain America”, Chris Hemsworth as “Thor”. Robert Downey Jr. As “Tony Stark”, and many others. But in particular 3, are have a very good performance in this film.

The setting in this movie is amazing and beautiful. It is very realistic. The soundtrack is composed by Alan Silvestri, who is the composer of Many flicks like “Back to The Future”. I can only say that it is wonderful and very thrilling. The SFX are perfect and involves you in the movie. Maybe they are the best SFX you have ever seen.

In my Opinion, it is one of the best movies in the world. I hardly recommend it and worthwhile a lot.





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