Owner/Name: Iván A.

Writing 1- Informal letter

            Dear Mark,

I´m glad to hear from you! I´m very comfortable in my new house. I am still not used to pollution. The city is very big and there are a lot of interesting and funny things to do.

 I go to school fron 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. After school, I play basketball twice a week, and in the other days, i like to ride in my bike on the park. During the weekends, i go to the cinema, visit musedums and hangout with friends.

I accept your invitation. I am looking forward to seeing you and your family in summer. I´d like to play with your puppies and lady. And of course i will help you with the harvest.

                                By the way, you can come and visit me too! I´ll be glad to show you the city and the new home

                                I hope to hear from you soon

                                               Best wishes



 Writing 2- Letter of application.

                         Dear Paul Groves

I have read your advertisment in the local newspaper and i would like to apply for the job, volunteering at the music festival.

I love music, a big variety of it, Pop, Rock, Electronic, Dupstep, Etc. I am glad to help people so I think i would be well suited to the job.

I am very patient, and i would like to be there with people that share my same music interests. i spent two years working as a theater assistant in the local theater so i have excellent organizational skills. 

I believe I am the ideal candidate for the job, because I have friendly and entusiastic nature, also, people often tell me that I am a good leader.

I hope you will consider my application

Yours sincerely,

Iván A.


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