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Complete the article. Underline the correct form of used to and write in the correct form of the verb. In some sentences there is no verb. 
From superstar to superhero 
Andrea Jaeger (0)  used  / was used / got used  to be  (be) one of the best tennis players of her generation. At the age of 16 she was number two in the world. But with success came problems. She was widely disliked by the other competitors because she (1) used / was used / got used (have) a terrible temper and would often shout at the referee and line judges. Yet in reality, she was the one who was suffering She found it hard at such a young age to (2) used / be used / get used to the competitiveness of professional sport. Sometimes she even (3) used / was used / got used   (lose) matches on purpose because she felt sorry for her opponent. She could also never really (4) used / was used / get used (have) her father as a coach and as a result their relationship was stormy. When, at the age of 18, Andrea had to retire from tennis because of a shoulder injury, she was secretly relieved. But what she did next came as a surprise to everyone. She (5) used / had used / had been used to a life of luxury, earning millions of dollars and driving around in her own Mercedes-Benz, but a year after retiring she sold her Mercedes and quickly (6) used / was used / got used to taking public transport instead. With her money, she bought toys for kids in hospital. Shortly after that she poured all of her tennis winnings ($1.4 million in all) into setting up the Little Star Foundation, which helps terminally ill children, a charity that she continues to run today. Andrea's new life has its own challenges - fundraising is not easy. But as a former champion, she (7) used / is used / gets used (give) everything she's got in order to succeed. 

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