Complete the sentences with the vocabulary seen

  1. Doctor, I’ve had this pain for days ON END. Could you do something to stop it?
  2. He left home after falling out with his parents.
  3. He's so fussy about the house - everything has to be absolutely perfect.
  4. How can he get by (manage to live) on so little money.
  5. I'm relying on your help - please don't let me down.
  6. Although the doctor advised her to cut down fattening meals, she took no notice. She did not care at all.
  7. Kids love to be pushed around in the supermarket trolley.
  8. The kids took pity on the hungry kitten and gave it some milk.
  9. Oh please, do stop whining!! It is getting on my nerves.
  10. San Isidro is on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.
  11. Many employees were made redundant when PepsiCo went bankrupt.
  12. She was brought  up by her grandmother after his parents’ death
  13. Surprisingly, she took the blame for everything that happened and admitted the crime.
  14. The house was pretty shabby when we bought it, but we have completely remodelled it.
  15. Athletes run along a track.
  16. They're working overtime to get the job done on time.
  17. He’s so insincere he never tells the truth.
  18. The novel has a gripping plot. You’ll like it from the beginning to the end.
  19. You never take my advice, that’s why you always get into trouble.
  20. After the manager’s resignation, nobody was ready to take over.
  21. She clearly needed a lot of time to get over her husband’s death. (stop being sad)
  22. Many people take up gym when the summer gets close (start to do)
  23. At last business started to take off.  They began to improve their sales…
  24. Some men lose their hair and become bald at an early age.
  25. Be sensible once and for all. Don’t be silly and use your common sense.
  26. She will take offence at your remarks: she is quite sensitive and will feel hurt.
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