Who could have said it? Make sentences in reported speech with a suitable verb from the box, saying who you think made each statement.

What was said

1 ‘I wish I hadn’t given up playing the piano – I could have become a famous musician.’

2 ‘It is the third time in this tournament when the lower-ranked competitor came out on top.’

3 ‘Something must be done about the rising water levels and protection against floods.’ 4 ‘What’s more, there will be a discount of 33% applied to all purchases during the fair.’ 5 ‘If you do not stop bullying the others, you shall be excluded from our school permanently.’

6 ‘Contrary to the printed programme, the plenary will take place in the downstairs auditorium.’

7 ‘Do not accept this award, which has now become a symbol of discrimination!’

8 ‘I have never paid money to any government officials to provide confidential information.’

9 ‘We never meant to offend anybody when we posted those party photos on the Internet.’

10 ‘Don’t you think you ought to report the whole incident to someone in charge?’

11 ‘Mark my words – by this time next year the company will have exceeded its targets.’

12 ‘Perhaps it’s been foolish of us to ever expect the administration to invest more in education.’

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