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Fecha: 6/4/2020 | Creado por: Romina
Categoria: Use of English
  • Agustina hace 2 años

    Many people believe that Argentina's national sport is football however, it is Pato
  • Julieta hace 2 años
    it is said that Argentines only listen tango, however we listen all type of music
  • Julieta hace 2 años
    Despite Argentinians being known for using the slang word "che", it is mainly used just in Buenos Aires.
  • Melina hace 2 años
    Although futbol is one of Argentina's popular sport, basketball, rugby, hockey and tennis, are also well known for their good reputation
  • Delfina hace 2 años
    Many people believe that Argentina is Buenos Aires. However, this is not the case, Buenos Aires is its capital
  • Santiago hace 2 años
    Many people believe that Argentines get very drunk, however, 2 out of 4 people drink alcohol, the other two drink coca cola
  • Gaston hace 2 años
    Many people think it is cold the hole year in Argentina. However, it is cold only half of the year.