Revision 8

OPen the file [+]

Revision 7

Open the pdf [+]

Revision for the final exam 6

Complete the exercises. [+]

Revision for the final exam 4

Here's more practice on paraphrasing. [+]

Present perfect practice 2

Yes! Even more practice! [+]

Present perfect practice

Let's work together [+]


Open the word file to work [+]

Conditional sentences (1)

Practice on conditional sentences. [+]

Vocabulary: sports

Copy the sentences on a word file and complete them [+]

Revision 2

OPen the file [+]


Let's work hard [+]


Look at the pictures and write a caption below each. Use the vocabulary seen [+]


Match the opposites before you run out of time! [+]

Link a grupo de amigos
November 24th

Make up of Reading and Writing [+]

November 21st

Make up of Use of English and Listening [+]

November 3rd

Bring answer sheets for the listening test [+]

November 14th

Final test [+]

The Canterville Ghost

Read and listen! [+]

Booklet 2

Booklet 2 [+]

Speaking paper Part 2

Now, let's analyze this part [+]

Speaking paper Part 1

Let's have a deep look into it [+]

Extra practice to do on your own

Click on the links to practise your weak areas on you own [+]


Our first booklet [+]

Our first practice test

Let's have a deep look [+]

KET Paper 3 Speaking sample paper

Watch these two videos and discuss them with your classmates and teacher. [+]